Cameron Kratzer, Electronics Technology 2010-2011

My name is Cameron Kratzer and I attend SUN Tech. My senior year I left my sending school, Mifflinburg Area High School, to come over to SUN.  Why am I attending SUN Tech’s electronics program?  Because electronics is everywhere and it is never going away.

What makes our program so special is that we are getting one semester of college, which is 15 credits, at Pennsylvania College of Technology. At the end of our high school career, we already have half a year of college completed. Throughout the year, we are getting all geared up and used to how college will be run and how involved and time consuming the work really is. We are getting used to having to assign time where it’s needed to get everything done by the due dates.

So far this year, we’ve done a few projects.  One of the projects is our trainer. We built the trainer with test circuits and a power supply. With it we can vary voltages and amperages. We completely tore down and rebuilt our desktop computers and we learned how to trouble shoot to find out what may be wrong.

Later this year, we are going to make wind mills and solar arrays to see what kind of power we can draw from them. With the new technology, the hope is to cut the power usage in a household in half.

In the future, I plan on continuing my education at Pennsylvania College of Technology. I hope to become an engineer.