Tyler Dorman at TPS/SPX

Tyler Dorman: A Stand-Out Co-op Employee

HVAC student Tyler Dorman poses by TPS's Beijing conference room. He is following in the footsteps of previous outstanding Co-op students that have been placed at this employer in New Columbia, PA. For more information about SUN Tech’s…
Patrick Wolfe at Roy Adams & Son Inc.

Patrick Wolfe on Co-op at Roy Adams & Sons, Inc.

Diesel and Truck Technology student Patrick Wolfe takes a break from his co-op job at Roy Adams & Sons, Inc. the "Big Rigs" to get his picture taken next to one of their transport vehicles. For more information about SUN Tech’s cooperative…
Colby Kuhn at F & S Construction

Kolby Kuhn on Co-op at F&S

SUN Area Technical Institute Carpentry student Colby Kuhn takes a break from building a garage with F&S Construction. For more information about SUN Tech's cooperative education program and to learn how you can earn money and valuable…
Caleb Reedy at QE

Caleb Reedy on Co-op at QE

Precision Machining student Caleb Reedy standing tall at his co-op position at QE.
Nicholas Wertz at Pik Rite

Nicholas Wertz on Co-op at Pik Rite

SUN Tech Welding student Nicholas Wertz inspects some of his welds during his co-op at Pik Rite.
Stanley Mowery at Leer East

Stanley Mowery on Co-op at Leer East

Pictured here is Diesel Truck Technology student Stanley Mowery on co-op at Leer East.
Clark Wager at KOREK Designs

Clark Wagner on Co-op at KOREK Designs

Pictured here is Collision Repair Technology student Clark Wagner at his co-op position with the award-winning team at KOREK Designs.
Dylan Pawling at Elkay Wood Products

Dylan Pawling on Co-op at Elkay Wood Products

Dylan Pawling of Carpentry is attending orientation for his new co-op position at Elkay Wood Products.
Drew Kelly from WQKX

Drew Kelly from WQKX and the Co-op Advisory Committee

Drew Kelly steps away from programming his radio stations to meet with SUN Tech's Co-op OAC... Drew is The Chairperson for this Work Initiative Group.
Ryan Mensch

Ryan Mensch on the Job at SRS Electrical, LLC

Electrical Systems Technology student Ryan Mensch at a job site on Rt 15 towards Harrisburg, running electrical wires in a commercial building. Ryan's co-op position is with SRS Electrical, LLC. in Hummels Wharf, PA.
John Punako at TPS

John Punako on Co-op at TPS

John Punako making strides in his Precision Machining Co-op job at TPS in New Columbia.
Patrick Crissman at Golden Rule Construction

Patrick Crissman on Co-op with Golden Rule Construction

Say good morning to Patrick Crissman! Patrick is a SUN Tech Carpentry student on the job bright and early at his co-op position at Golden Rule Construction.  
Michael Zechman on Co-op

Michael Zechman on Co-op at Lozier Corporation

Michael Zechman representing SUN Tech in outstanding style at his co-op position at Lozier Corporation as a Welder!
Wyatt Maneval at Top-Notch CNC

Wyatt Maneval on Co-Op at Top-Notch CNC Machining

Wyatt Maneval, a SUN Area Technical Institute Precision Machining student, is relaxing on his break at Top-Notch CNC Machining.
Ryan DeHass at Custom Container Solutions

Ryan DeHaas on the Job at Custom Container Solutions

Ryan Dehass, a SUN Area Technical Institute Welding student, relaxes during his break from his co-op job at Custom Container Solutions in Lewisburg, PA.