Not exactly a routine cleaning! Students in Dental Health have fun while getting a great education.

Dental Assisting II

Continuation of Course NO 300B; expands instruction with specialization in dental radiology, procedures and safe use of equipment, also includes dental materials. Includes practical experience in our Dental Clinic. Limit 10. Prerequisite Dental…

Electric Motor Controls

A course in basic theory, operations maintenance and AC motor controls. Course utilizes a variety of single-phase and multi-phase AC motors. Understanding of basic electricity required. Text required.

Excel 2016; Part 1

This course will cover how to : get started with Microsoft Office Excel 2016; perform calculations; modify a worksheet; format a worksheet; print workbooks; manage workbooks. Text Included. Limit 12.

Excel 2016; Part 2

This course will cover how to: work with functions; work with lists; analyze data; visualize data with charts; use PivotTables and PivotCharts. Text included. Limit 12.

Excel 2016; Part 3

This course will cover how to: work with multiple worksheets and workbooks; use Lookup functions and formula auditing; share and protect workbooks; automate workbook functionality; create sparklines and map data; forecast data. Text included.…

Fundamentals of Visual Weld Inspection

The course is designed to familiarize the student with basic techniques for visual inspection of welds. The student will be introduced to: the uses of inspection gages, weld size measuring, identifying types of welds, weld defects, basic welding…

Healthcare Provider CPR

The AHA Healthcare Provider CPR course is the course needed by any public safety or healthcare worker, i.e. CNAs, Nurses, Doctors, EMTs, Paramedics, Firefighters, Life Guards and anyone else who falls into the criteria. This course does have…

Heart Saver CPR/First Aid

This course is OSHA approved for industry CPR & First Aid. This course will also be able to meet the criteria for teachers, daycare workers and babysitters. You will receive a 2-year certification. Text is Included.

How to Install Patio Pavers and Landscaping Block

Turn your dull outdoor living space into a showplace. You will learn how to construct a paved patio and adjoining landscaping block retaining wall. Limit 10.

Installing a Floating Floor System & Installing Ceramic Tile

Students will install a floating floor system. They will cut trim and door jambs to prep for floor. Students will install backer board, tile and groud during the class.  The safe use of power tools will also be taught during the class. Limit…

Installing Ceramic Tile

Students will install backer board, tile and grout during the class. Safety is always a priority and will be taught.

Installing Vinyl Siding & Soffit

This course will offer basic instruction on the installation of vinyl siding & soffit materials. Students will receive hands-on training in these areas.  Limit 10.

Insulation & Weatherization

This course will consist of 1 three hour theoretical program that will concentrate on energy saving and home comfort, insulation and weatherization.  Options will be explored and there will be an extensive question and answer period.

Introduction to Fly Fishing

Learn the fundamentals of fly fishing and how to choose equipment.  You will also learn the technique and physics of casting.  A short section on entomology, food chain and a study of game fish will be presented.  Reading waters and natural…

Introduction to Variable Frequency Drives

A beginners course, which presents variable frequency ac drive theory, specifying, installation, setup, maintenance, and troubleshooting. Students should have a background in commercial / industrial electrical fields, knowledge of motor control…