SkillsUSA and HOSA 2014 National Competition Results

Better late than never! We’re thrilled to report the results of the 2014 SkillsUSA competition in Kansas City.  Audrey Seltzer of Food Service took the Gold in the Action Skills competition with her presentation about Edible Arrangements. Marinna Carrol took Bronze in Job Skills, and Taylor Boney took Fourth in Nail Care. We’re proud of all of our competitors! Students attending SUN Tech this year should talk to their instructors to find out how to participate in student organizations such as SkillsUSA and HOSA.

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SUN Tech Students Clean up at SkillsUSA State Competition

2013 State SkillsUSA Competitors

2013 State SkillsUSA Competitors

Congratulations to all of SUN Tech’s competitors at the SkillsUSA State competition! To see the full photo gallery, check it out on Facebook!

1st Place Winners

Levi Cross,  Collision Repair,  Midd-West

Alicia Boutin,  Esthetics Model,  Mifflinburg

Kayla Dunkle,  Nail Care,  Mifflinburg

Brandi Hollenbach,  Nail Care Model,  Shikellamy

Amanda Torres,  Action Skills,  Shikellamy

Ashley Wilson, Esthetics, Mifflinburg


2nd Place Winners

Kiersten Dauberman, Cosmetology, Mifflinburg

Miriana Mangiapane, Job Skill A,  Mifflinburg

Adam Klase, Masonry, Post-Secondary


3rd Place Winners

Cody Kremser, Team Works, Carpentry Shikellamy

Andrew Martin, Welding Sculpture, Mifflinburg

Andrew Stahl, Team Works  Plumbing, Midd-West

Ethan Witmer, Team Works Masonry, Shikellamy

Matthew Zerbe, Team Works Electrical Systems, Selinsgrove


SUN Tech Cleans Up at SkillsUSA

Congratulations to all of our SUN Tech students that participated at the District SkillsUSA competition! Once again Team SUN returned home proud: 36 students participated, 18 received first place in their competitions, and we had 13 second-place winners.


  • W. Cole Smith of the (Lewisburg, Food Service) participated in the Culinary Arts competition.


  • Aaron Bolig (Midd-West, Precision Machining) received second-place in the Precision Machining competition.
  • Andrew Brady (Midd-West, Computer Networking Technology) participated in the Internetworking competition.
  • Levi Cross (Midd-West, Collision Repair Technology) received first-place in the Collision Repair competition.
  • Paige Feltman (Midd-West, Cosmetology) received first-place in Public Speaking.
  • Nicholas Mast (Midd-West, Diesel Truck Technology) received third-place in the Diesel competition.
  • Andrew Stahl (Midd-West, HVAC & Plumbing)  received first-place in the Team Works Plumbing competition.
  • Patrick Thomas (Midd-West, Electrical Systems Technology) received first-place in the Industrial Motor Controls competition.
  • Logan Trego (Midd-West, Carpentry) received first-place in the Carpentry competition.
  • Nicholas Young (Midd-West, Cosmetology) participated in the Job Interview competition.


  • Nicholas Bachorski (Mifflinburg, Electronics Technology) received second-place in the Electronics competition.
  • Heather Bowersox (Mifflinburg, Food Service) received first-place in the Restaurant Service competition.
  • Kiersten Duaberman (Mifflinburg, Cosmetology) received first-place in Cosmetology.
  • Zachery Diehl (Mifflinburg, Computer Networking Technology) received second-place in Computer Maintenance.
  • Jonathan Fetterolf (Mifflinburg, Carpentry) participated in the Painting and Decorating competition.
  • Kayla Dunkle (Mifflinburg, Cosmetology) participated in the Nail Care competition.
  • Dakota Eberhart (Mifflinburg, HVAC & Plumbing) received first-place in Plumbing.
  • Andrew Gemberling (Mifflinburg, Precision Machining) received second-place in the Automated Manufacturing Team competition.
  • Robert Girvin (Mifflinburg, Welding) received first-place in Welding.
  • Anna Kitchens (Mifflinburg, Criminal Justice) received first-place in the Criminal Justice competition.
  • Rebecca Lilley (Mifflinburg, Criminal Justice) received second-place in the Crime Scene Team competition.
  • Miriana Mangiapane (Mifflinburg, Cosmetology) received first-place in the Job Skill A Competition.
  • Andrew Martin (Mifflinburg, Welding) participated in the Welding Sculpture competition.
  • Dustin Mertz (Mifflinburg, Masonry) participated in the Masonry competition.
  • Spencer Raup (Mifflinburg, Diesel Truck Technology) received second-place in the Diesel competition.
  • David Ressler (Mifflinburg, HVAC & Plumbing) received second-place in the Plumbing competition.
  • Tyler Spear (Mifflinburg, Collision Repair Technology) received first-place in Automotive Refinishing.
  • Tyriq Dorman (Mifflinburg, Criminal Justice) received second-place in the Crime Scene Team competition.
  • Ashley Wilson (Mifflinburg, Cosmetology) received first-place in the Esthetics competition.


  • Parker Derr (Selinsgrove, Precision Machining) received second-place in the Automated Manufacturing Team competition.
  • Laura Straub (Selinsgrove, Food Service) participated in the Baking competition.
  • Matthew Zerbe (Selinsgrove, Electrical Systems Technology) received first-place oin the Team Works – Electrical Systems competition.


  • Cody Kremser (Shikellamy, Carpentry) received first-place in the Team Works – Carpentry competition.
  • Brandon Lindenmuth (Shikellamy, Criminal Justice) received second-place in the Crime Scene Team competition.
  • Claudia Pehowic (Shikellamy, Automotive Technology) received first-place in Extemporaneous Speaking.
  • James Radel (Shikellamy, Precision Machining) received second-place in the Automated Manufacturing Team competition.
  • Amanda Torres (Shikellamy, Cosmetology) received first-place in the Action Skills Competition.
  • Ethan Witmer (Shikellamy, Masonry) received first-place in the Team Works – Masonry competition.
  • Robert Zimmerman (Shikellamy, Electrical Systems Technology) received first-place  in Residential Wiring.

Post Secondary

  • Adam Klase (Masonry) received first-place in the Masonry competition.