SUN Area Technical Institute

Drafting CAD Technology

You will learn how to utilize the latest version of AutoCAD and 3-D parametric software programs to complete mechanical and/or architectural drawings to industry specifications.  You will utilize the latest Rapid prototype technology that allows you see your designs come to reality in a short amount of time.

Look what you can learn in the Drafting CAD Program:

  • skills you can use in real-life experiences (design/draw your own home)
  • design products that can be used in everyday products (concept to reality)
  • create industry and technically correct drawings using ANSI standards
  • work on community projects that are challenging and rewarding
  • skills required to make college level work easier
  • improve applied math skills (related to drafting CAD)
  • employability or soft skills required to excel in the field

Emphasis is placed on developing the skills you will need for your future as a mechanical OR architectural drafter.


Learn skills in Drafting CAD that you will use the rest of your life whether on the job in an office or in a manufacturing environment, on a construction site or designing your own home.  You will also have the opportunity to earn dual enrollment college credits while completing the Drafting CAD program.


You must possess the desire to learn with a strong work ethic. If you are not afraid of hard work this may be the program for you. See your guidance consular to arrange a visit.

Career Opportunities

Major Career Opportunities for graduates of the Drafting CAD Technology program include:

  • Detail CAD Operators
  • Draftspersons
  • Design Layout CAD Operators
  • Product Engineers
  • Plant/Facility CAD Operator
  • Estimator

Employment Outlook

With the current condition of the economy, entry-level Drafting CAD employees are hard to find. This is good for students entering the field. Beginning salaries start at$11.00 an hour and go as high as $15.00 per hour.

Since Drafting CAD operators are an essential part of any product being designed or developed, the demand in this field will remain strong. Locally, an abundance of Modular Housing, Furniture, Cabinet, and other manufacturing companies makes the local demand for these positions very positive. The experience in CNC programming will give students entry-level exposure to an automated manufacturing process.

Opportunities are also available in the Civil Drafting areas.

Higher Education Opportunities

Students enrolled in Drafting CAD Technology have the opportunity to earn the following college credits while attending SUN Tech thanks to Penn College PCNow:

# Name Credits
CAD118 Comprehensive 2D Applications 3 Credits
CCD101 Technical Drawing I 3 Credits
CCD102 Detailing I 3 Credits
ACH116 Introduction to Computer Aided Drafting 1.5 Credits
ACH118 Architectural Computer Aided Drafting 1.5 Credits

The Drafting CAD Technology program prepares students to continue their education at a variety of two-year and four-year colleges and technical schools. This can save money and time and give you a jump-start on your career. At SUN, we give the students the basic principle in a well-rounded environment, but once they graduate from SUN, they need to get more specific training on a particular field. Once employed, most employers offer Higher Education Reimbursement Plan (normally up to 80%) for their employees to further develop themselves within the CAD Engineering fields.

Following are just some of the possibilities our students have attended for advanced training in the Drafting CAD Technology field:

Business & Industry Certifications

Drafting CAD Technology can help you obtain the following business and industry certifications:

  1. OSHA Logo

    OSHA Certification

    With the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970, Congress created the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to assure safe and healthful working conditions for working men and women by setting and enforcing standards and by providing training, outreach, education and assistance.

Course Syllabus

Mechanical Objectives for the Drafting CAD Technology program at SUN Area Technical Institute
Objective Hours
1st Quarter
AutoCAD 2D 110
Mechanical 110
Applied Math 27.5
Total 247.5
2nd Quarter
AutoCAD 2D 90
Inventor 3D / Rapid Prototype 20
Mechanical 110
Applied Math 27.5
Total 247.5
3rd Quarter
AutoCAD 2D 94
Inventor 3D / Rapid Prototype 30
Mechanical 110
Applied Math 13.5
Total 247.5
4th Quarter
AutoCAD 2D 87.5
Inventor / Rapid Prototype 90
Mechanical 70
Total 247.5
Total 990