Belief Statement

  • All students can learn and must be encouraged and challenged to reach their full potential.
  • Programs should enable students to acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to be productive members of society.
  • Career guidance is essential for all students.
  • Professional development is vital for a well-trained and creative staff.
  • Students, through their actions and choices, have the final responsibility for their education.
  • Students must have saleable skills upon program completion.
  • The community and students must be committed to the pursuit of excellence in programs and services.
  • Education is a continuing experience.
  • Students must have respect for themselves and others.
  • Partnering with the private sector to ensure a curriculum that is valid and business/industry responsive.
  • Students must be Self-Directed Learners who use positive core values to create a positive vision for themselves and their future, set priorities and achievable goals, create options for themselves, monitor and evaluate their progress, and assume responsibility for their actions.
  • Students must be Collaborative Workers who use effective leadership and group skills to develop and manage interpersonal relationships within culturally and organizationally diverse settings.
  • Students must be Complex Thinkers who identify, access, integrate, and use available resources and information to reason, make decisions, and solve problems in a variety of contexts.
  • Students must be Community Contributors who contribute their time and energies, and talents to improving the welfare of other and the quality of life in their diverse communities.
  • Students must be Quality Producers who create intellectual, artistic, practical and physical products which reflect originality in high standards and use of advance technologies.


The strategic plan of the SUN Area Technical Institute is a results-oriented document and provides a structure for public accountability. Many individuals will be asked to contribute to the work set forth in this plan in order to actualize the school’s vision and mission. By working in collaboration, the SUN Area Technical Institute will be better prepared to provide its students with the educational opportunities needed to meet the challenges of the 21st century.