Adult Education

SUN Area Technical Institute provides a variety of adult education opportunities. Adults can depend on SUN Tech to teach them a totally new trade, or help them polish their existing skills. We help more than 200 adults with training needs each year!

Adult Short Term Courses

During the spring and fall terms, SUN Tech offers over several different evening courses. The length of each course varies between  3 and 150 hours and usually meets one or two nights per week. Summer courses are also scheduled according to demand. For a current schedule of classes contact the Adult Education Office at 570-966-1031 ext. 113.

Online Courses

SUN TECH is now offering online courses in cooperation with ed2go, a leading provider of instructor-led Internet based courses. These classes run for six weeks. Two lessons are released each week for the duration of the course. The student has interaction with the instructor via e-mail and their web browser. Complete enrollment and payment is provided by visiting Courses are scheduled throughout the year with new courses being released monthly.

Adult Prime-Time Enrollment

Under this program, adults will be allowed to enroll in day school classes and attend during the daytime hours. Enrollment in this program will be contingent upon the number of available openings in each program. Training time can be flexible but must be prescheduled in blocks of time depending on skill competencies to be covered. The curriculum will be competency based with open entry and exit. A high school diploma or GED is required for enrollment. SUN TECH programs are approved for funding under the Workforce Investment Act (LWIA), Trade Adjustment Act (TAA) and NAFTA-TAA. For current available openings and enrollment information, contact the School at 570-966-1031 ext. 113.

Customized Training Programs

These training opportunities are tailored to meet specific business/industry requirements. SUN TECH works in cooperation with business to develop a program of study to best serve the needs of the organization. The time frame is dependent upon how extensive the training is to be. Funding for these programs could be provided by the business or through various government economic development programs such as the Central Pennsylvania Workforce Development Corporation and WEDnet PA as subcontractor. For additional information, contact the Adult Education Coordinator at 570-966-1031 ext. 125.

Occupational Competency Evaluation

SUN TECH can develop and implement trade related tests to measure the aptitudes and abilities of selected employees. These tests can be valuable tools in determining areas in which employees require additional training, or as indicators of program effectiveness. For additional information, contact the Adult Education Coordinator at 570-966-1031 ext. 125.