Career Opportunities

Students in the Auto Technology program have the opportunity to become involved in cooperative education. In the months of March, April, and May, students meeting the requirements may work for a local automotive repair facility during school hours. During this time, students will earn school credit as well as receive “real-world” experience in the auto repair trade. In addition, a student involved in cooperative education will be paid for his or her time worked by the employer.

Some students in this program stay employed with the employer after graduation. Others may use the experience on a resume after graduation from higher education. In either case, this type of experience is extremely valuable to the student and future employers.

Career Opportunities for successful graduates of the Auto Technology program include:

  • Technicians
  • Service Writers
  • Service Management
  • Pre-Delivery Prep
  • Brake & Suspension Techs
  • Alignment Techs
  • Maintenance Mechanics
  • Parts Couter People
  • Parts Re-Builders
  • Warranty Clerk
  • Garage Owner/Operator
  • Drivability Tech and many more