I’m Andrew Walter, a senior at Mifflinburg High School.  I currently attend SUN Area Technical Institute and am enrolled in the Advertising Art and Design program.  I have loved art and drawing since I was young and all throughout my years in school.  I did not take any art classes, except for a drawing class my junior year, which was taught by Mrs. Koch.  When I entered that class I only knew basic line drawing.  When I walked out, I knew how to draw things that looked life-like and how to shade correctly.  I also learned how to use various mediums from colored pencil and graphite, to pastel and charcoal.  I entered the Advertising Art and Design program at SUN Tech because I knew that it could get me a good job in the field of graphic design. After graduation I want to open my own design business and help inspire young artists to pursue a career in art.

In the Advertising Art and Design program, we learn how to use all of the Adobe programs that include: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash, and Dreamweaver.  A great deal of our time is spent on the computer to enhance our digital design skills.  However, we also learn how to create art the old fashioned way . . . by hand.  We explore various mediums such as pencil, colored pencil, pastel, markers, paint, airbrush, and ink.  Some of our projects include typography, photography, drawings from life, and computer-based design assignments such as advertisements, CD covers, and logos.  We also learn about production techniques such as silkscreen printing and web page design.

Every student in the program is involved in a community service project, for a non-profit organization, at some time in the school year.  This helps build our personal reputation as well as the program’s reputation with the community.

We take many field trips to places that may employ us or colleges that will be a good fit for our area of work.  So far we have taken field trips to Jostens Yearbook Publishing and Ad One Advertising.  Students also enter design contests and win awards that can be listed on their resume.

This program is of a very high quality and I recommend it for any student who has a strong talent for art and is considering an art-related career.  I advise that students who come to this program be self-motivated in order to meet deadlines, and at least know basic drawing and computer skills.  The best thing about this is that students can enter the workforce right after graduation in an entry-level position or continue their education by going to college with an advantage over students who have not had the Advertising Art and Design experience.