Our names are Aubrey Shirk, (a junior at Shikellamy High School) and Alyssa VanSteyn, (a senior at Midd-West High School). We both came to SUN Tech to continue our education in an environment that will help us prepare for our post-high school education. Our program offers many opportunities. It gives us chances to learn the proper techniques and rules of food safety and cooking; and it also helps us practice all of these skills on a daily basis. This class has given us the chance to not only learn food service skills, but also employability skills; and we have learned about ourselves as well.

We are challenged every day to work efficiently when we are alone and also to work as part of a team. In our program, we have a student-run restaurant.  This gives us the opportunity to learn leadership skills and team work. We practice all the different jobs associated with running a restaurant.

Throughout the year, we participate in fund raising to raise money to go on field trips that are related to our program; they are both educational and fun. So far, this year we have visited Penn College of Technology and Lejeune Chef.

We both feel that enrolling in SUN Tech was a great idea. At SUN Tech we spend each day, all day, learning the skills that will help us become employable.  We are encouraged to embrace our creativity and apply our classroom work to hands-on activities. If asked by any student if we think they should attend SUN Tech, we would strongly recommend it if they are sincerely interested in the field related to the program of interest. SUN Tech gives you the encouragement to do great and to present yourself with maturity as well as providing a great opportunity to hold a good and steady job in the future and to you prepare for college.