It has been a crazy year so far in the carpentry program. It’s hard to believe that half of our senior year is over already. Who knew there would be so much to learn about building a house when we started in the Fall? We spent the first half of the year concentrating on floors, walls, and framing with a little roof finishing thrown in for fun.

Our instructor tells us that in the second half of the year, we will focus on interior and exterior finish, things like drywall, trim, window, doors, and siding. It seems as if the second half of the year will be as busy and with as much information as the first half of the year.

In addition to working in the shop, we have three students this year who are participating in a new Penn College Program that allows students to acquire Penn College credits while completing the carpentry program at SUN Tech.

We also will be taking a ten hour OSHA safety training program for certification. Some students will be participating for the state Skills Competition where the carpenters hope to prove we have the skills to compete with the best in the state.

Our instructor tells us once the weather breaks and spring arrives, we’ll have more off-school site projects to do then we have time. All the carpenters are praying for an early spring. We are ready to get out of the shop and build something we don’t have to demo. The carpentry program is tough. The instructor keeps us extremely busy with projects and worksheets. There is never a time when something doesn’t need to be completed, finished on time, or expected to get started on something new; but the school year is flying by. We are starting to feel that someday we will be able to build and complete a house on our own.