My name is Jace Herman and I’m a senior at Selinsgrove High School.  I’m currently training to be an automotive technician at SUN.  I’m training to be able to diagnose and repair present and future vehicles.  My goal after my nine months of training is to obtain employment at a local repair facility.  It’s there I’ll gain experience to further my job skills which will allow me to further my career and earn a living wage.

I’m Alex Smith from Midd-West High School.  Currently, I’m a senior attending SUN Tech in the Auto Technology program.  Earlier this year, I moved from Arizona to Pennsylvania with the hopes of attending SUN.  My thoughts were that if I could get into the Auto Technology program I could get a head start on my career as an automotive technician.   After SUN Tech, I’m planning to attend Penn College and acquire my associates degree in automotive technology specializing in Honda vehicles.  After graduation from college, I hope to have a successful career with Honda.