Jessie Bonilla, a Shikellamy High School senior and Jenna Aikey, a Mifflinburg High School senior, attend SUN Area Technical Institute, Health Professions program. Learning is different than regular school because we’re learning by doing a lot of hands-on experiences. We do a lot of independent study. We will be experiencing what it will be like in the medical field through clinical. We want to share our reasons why we both decided to come to SUN Tech.

The reason why I, Jessie Bonilla, decided to come to SUN Tech for Health Professions was because I wanted to get the full experience of doing the entire task of what nurses do in their career. Another reason was because I wanted to do hands-on learning. At my home school, we didn’t do a lot of hands-on learning. I was getting bored of sitting at a desk and writing about something that didn’t inspire me. Finally, my last reason was that my friends and family encouraged me to go to SUN Tech. I wasn’t sure about it, but I thought about it and I decided to try SUN Tech’s Health Professions program and work towards earning my Certified Nurse’s Aide Certificate (CNA).

The reason why I, Jenna Aikey, came to SUN Tech was because I’ve always wanted to be in some type of medical field since I was little. At the end of my sophomore year, I changed my mind and wanted to become a Vet Tech. I have a very strong love for animals, and since SUN Tech didn’t offer a course for veterinarian science, the nurse aide program was the only thing close to it. A second reason why I decided on SUN Tech was because my cousin recommended the Health Professions program to me. She told me you get a great education, learning skills, and do a lot of hands-on work; she would know because she graduated from the program. My final reason is that the Certified Nursing Assistant Certificate will provide me with the skills to work as I obtain my Vet Tech education.

We are both in HOSA (which is Health Occupation Skills Association). This is an organization where students in the Health Profession program will compete in other skills. One thing we learned in HOSA was taking care of a resident who was in a wheelchair, who is blind or can’t walk, helping the resident get food or feed him/her, and helping them go to the bathroom. It was a great project because when we go out in the health fields there are going to be residents who are going to need help. We have to keep a positive attitude so the resident will feel comfortable.

I, Jessie, have played field hockey since my 8th grade year. I am involved in the Shikellamy High School Key Club, and in Upward Bound. Out of school, I sing in my church choir. My plan after I graduate from high school is to go to college for nursing.

In my sophomore year of high school I, Jenna, took CPR & First Aid Class, and earned my certification. In my free time I am involved in church activities. I help out with preschool kids every Wednesday night, help out with vacation bible school in the summer, and I currently work as a busser and dish washer at a Mifflinburg restaurant. My plan after I graduate is to take a year off, do some traveling, and the go back to school for Vet Tech.