Hello, our names are Josh Kerstetter from Midd-West High School and Crystal Reigel from Midd-West High School. We are currently enrolled in the Diesel and Truck Technology program at SUN Area Technical Institute.

We both made the decision to attend the diesel program at SUN Tech as seniors because it reflects our interests and will further educate us about the diesel industry, thus helping to prepare us for the future.

Mr. Neidig is our instructor.  He has many years of experience in the field and is a great and knowledgeable teacher. He is passing his experience onto us and our class to help us become educated in the field of diesel technology.

Throughout the first half of the year, we’ve learned shop safety and the proper use of shop tools and other shop equipment. We went on to learn about electrical systems of a truck, including starting and charging systems. From there we studied steering, wheel end, and brake systems. We also learned how to properly rebuild a fifth wheel.

In the second half of the year, we will start by studying and practicing to take our PA State Inspection License test for cars/light trucks and heavy trucks. Having the chance to obtain our state inspection license is great, because it gives us the upper hand when seeking employment. From there we will study diesel and gasoline engines and the electronic systems that control them. We will the work on clutches and drivelines to complete our school year.

In February, students will have the chance to go into the co-op program where they can gain on the job experience and possible full-time employment upon graduation from high school.

Diesel technology is a growing field in both our area and also throughout the rest of the country. With the training and experience that we gained at SUN Tech, we will be able to enter the workforce or go onto to a post-secondary school with the upper hand.