I am Nikkita Buckles from Shikellamy High School. I decided to join the Criminal Justice class as soon as I got into 9th grade. The reason I decided to join the Criminal Justice program at SUN Tech was because I knew that it would be the field I want to be in in the future. I really enjoy everything we do here at tech. My favorite is the forensics unit which is where we learn how to go through the processing of a crime scene. I researched autopsies and how they are performed. Another thing I really enjoy in the PCSS program is the criminal justice hands-on training which included using our fire arms simulator and performing traffic stops.

I cannot wait to compete in SkillsUSA for criminal justice on January 27th.  After SUN,I plan to attend the University of Harrisburg of Science and Technology for forensics for four years. My goal is to move to Canada to become part of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Force or work for a local K9 unit.