KWPA (Keystone Wood Products Assocuation)

KWPA (Keystone Wood Products Assocuation)SUN Area Technical Institute is a proud member of Keystone Wood Products Association. KWPA is an organization which

… strives to strengthen and expand the base of lumber and wood products manufacturers in the Central Pennsylvania region in order to maintain and enhance the industry’s competitive position in today’s global economy.

An education rooted in technical training at SUN Tech can easily blossom into a successful career in a variety of wood-related industries, right here in central Pennsylvania. Cabinetry, carpentry, and drafting are obvious choices, however the mills and manufacturing plants need electricians, machinists and welders. Everyone from the timber companies and saw mills to manufacturers of finished wood products need individuals experience in auto mechanics and diesel engines to service their fleets, and all need artists and website designers to make their brand succeed.

With these facts in mind, it’s easy to see how an education at SUN Area Technical Institute dovetails perfectly with a career in a variety of wood product industries right here in central PA!

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