For the faculty and staff and the Class of 2016, Mr. Boonie accepts the Career and Technical Education Excellence Award.  This award certifies that at least 75% of the students participating the 2015 NOCTI Assessment earned advanced certification.  Only 17 schools in the state have achieved this prestigious award.  Presenting the award are Representatives Fred Keller and Lynda Schlegel Culver.

At the conclusion of the award ceremony Mrs. Jennifer Hain, Director of SUN Area Tech, issued a challenge to the Class of 2016;

“You have all been working hard this year.  In the upcoming weeks you will be participating in practice tests and review sessions.  Your instructor’s proven track record of NOCTI performance shows that the information they have covered will provide you with the tools to be successful.  Your performance during this school year tells me you also have that passion, just like the Class of 2015, to excel to this same level on your NOCTI exam at the end of April.  Good Luck!”