On May 9th SUN Area Technical Institute hosted their Annual Career Fair for their students. This event is held yearly by the Career Resources Office at SUN Tech and is only for the current students. The cafeteria and main hall way were filled with 45 various businesses and industries and offered opportunities for all of the 18 unique programs that SUN Tech offers their students. It’s an opportunity for students to network with various businesses, work on their soft skills, hand out resumes and complete job applications. The career fair gives students an opportunity to explore options they wouldn’t have considered otherwise. For example, when someone sees a healthcare facility they don’t always think of all the various jobs that it takes to make it successful such as, Human Resources, Information Technology, Maintenance, etc.

Reagan Tull, Health Professions 114 student, states  “The career fair was an awesome opportunity for everyone to take a look at different options and think outside box. All of the students in my program (Health Professions 114) either received an application or gave out resumes.” Reagan continued to explain that a number of her classmates have interviews today (Thursday) as a result of yesterday’s career fair.

It also gives the business and industry partners the opportunity to speak with students that have been training in their specific trade for the last 9 months. Many of the soon- to – be SUN Tech graduates have various certifications in their trade such as; CNA, Licensed Cosmetologist, PA State Inspection License, Welding Certifications, OSHA Certifications just to name a few.

Donna Socia, representing The Manor at Penn Village, states “I feel this event is very beneficial and the students took the opportunity to promote their skills.”

SUN Tech is very thankful for those that have attended and continue to attend each year to offer this event to their students.