February Young American

Congratulations to Angela Spotts, Masonry student, for being selected as the recipient of the Young American Award for February 2020. The Young American Program is designed to give special recognition to outstanding students for their scholastic…

May 2019 Young American

Dental Student and Selinsgrove Senior, Paige Smith, was recognized as the May 2019 Young American. Congratulations, Paige!

April 2019 Young American

Dental Student and Shikellamy Senior, Kaytlyn Reitenbach, was recognized as the April 2019 Young American. Congratulations, Kaytlyn!

March 2019 Young American

Electrical Systems Student and Selinsgrove Senior, David Long, was recognized as the March 2019 Young American. Congratulations, David!

February 2019 Young American

Carpentry Student and Lewisburg Senior, Justin Gessner, was recognized as the February 2019 Young American. Congratulations, Justin!

January 2019 Young American

Criminal Justice Student and Mifflinburg Senior, Riley Wolfgang, was recognized as the January 2019 Young American. Congratulations, Riley!

SUN Tech's 2018 December Young American

  Diesel Truck Technology Student and Milton Senior, Dalton Shearer, was recognized as the December Young American Student. Congratulations, Dalton!

SUN Tech's 2018 November Young American

  Electrical Systems Technology Student and Selinsgrove Senior, Garrett Benfer, was recognized as the November Young American Student. Congratulations, Garrett!

SUN Tech's 2018 October Young American

  Collision Repair Student and Midd-West Senior, Bryce Fawver, was recognized as the October Young American Student. Congratulations, Bryce!  

SUN Tech's 2018 September Young American

Cosmetology Student and Mifflinburg Senior, Heidi Beiler, was recognized as the September Young American. Congratulations, Heidi!

May Young American

HVAC student and Mifflinburg Senior, Daniel Marks, was recognized as the May Young American. Congratulations, Daniel!

April Young American

Advanced Wood Products Manufacturing student and Mifflinburg Senior, Sean Wagner, was recognized as the April Young American. Congratulations, Sean!

March Young American

                  Masonry student and Warrior Run Senior, Vincent Bender, was recognized as the March Young American. Congratulations, Vincent!

February Young American

Electrical Systems student and Mifflinburg Senior, Cole Laubach, was recognized as the February Young American. Congratulations, Cole!

January Young American

Welding student and Selinsgrove Senior, John Merroth, Jr., was recognized as the January Young American. Congratulations, John!