Nurse Aide (CNA)

A Pennsylvania Department of Education approved nurse aide training program. Course includes classroom and theory training. Tuition includes text/workbook and certification exam. Prerequisites: Physical, TB tests, Clearance(s) & Uniforms.

Theory is an even mix of independent study and lecture; viewing videos, practicing of skills. Testing of both theory and skills is to take place in the classroom. There are thirty-four units required to complete this course. Students must achieve an 80% or better on the unit (theory) exams and 100% on the competency skills. If the above percentages are not obtained, the student is encouraged to review the material and retest.

Attendance is of major importance. In order to complete the Nurse Aide course and have the option to take the state exam, the student must complete the required course hours as mentioned above.

The required 50 hours of clinical affiliation will be held at Riverwoods Nursing Care Center in Lewisburg.

Tentative scheduling of the state test to be given at SUN Area Technical Institute will be scheduled within 14 business days after the final day of the class. Students successfully completing both the theory and clinical requirements will be eligible to take the state exam.

Prior to commencement of the first day of class, the following forms are required:

1. Criminal Record checks
2. Physical with evidence that the applicant is free of communicable disease and lifting restrictions.
3. You must have a two-step PPD/Mantoux TB screening with negative results or a negative chest X-ray is required.
4. Hepatitis B vaccine forms

All students are required to wear a uniform, white shoes and have a watch with a second hand.

Tuition ($1,100) also covers the textbook, workbook, and certification exam.
Textbook: Nursing Assistants, A Humanistic Approach to Caregiving, Third Edition; Author: Pamela J. Carter; Publisher: Wolters Kluwer/Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins.