The course is designed and written by PA Department of Transportation. It covers PA State Inspection Regulations relating to passenger cars and light trucks, heavy truck and motorcycle inspection. Upon passing written and tactile portions of testing, student may obtain state certification in one or all vehicle categories. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that the student have previous work experience with the vehicle type that corresponds with the category in which they are testing. The course does not provide instruction concerning the common practices used to diagnose and repair the above vehicles. For an application call 570-966-1031, extension 113 for more information on class hours or cost. Classes are held twice per year, call for course schedule. Payment by check only.


Course Length and Tuition

  Total Hours Tuition
Cat. 1 Only:  14 Hours plus 1.25 for tactile test 15.25 $241.00
Cat. 2 Only:  14 Hours plus 1.25 for tactile test 15.25 $241.00
Cat. 3 Only:  14 Hours plus 3.25 for tactile test 17.25 $271.00
Cat. 1 and 2:  18 Hours plus 2.5 for tactile tests 20.5 $321.00
Cat. 1 and 3:  18 Hours plus 4.5 for tactile tests 22.5 $351.00
Cat. 2 and 3:  18 Hours plus 4.5 for tactile tests 22.5 $351.00
Cat. 1, 2, 3:  22 Hours plus 5.75 for tactile tests 27.25 $426.00
Only Tactile Test Cat. 1 or Cat. 2 1.25 each $40.00 Each
Only Tactile Test Cat. 3 3.25 $110.00
*Persons adding a Category to a current license may choose to attend the Category Night for review $30.00


Special Categories

(1) Passenger cars/trucks 17,000 lbs. or less and Trailers 10,000 lbs. or less; (2) Motorcycles; (3) Buses/trucks over 17,000 lbs. and trailers over 10,000 lbs.


Vehicle Equipment and Inspection Regulations is required for the course and is included in the tuition. The book must accompany the student to class. If you want the textbook sent to you, include $4.95 for postage.

Individuals are required to fill out form application MV-409. This form is available at SUN TECH, or by going to ; and shall be submitted to the school for registration.


Mechanic Identification shall be made before the start of course and again before each tactile test. Registered students shall provide a Pennsylvania Photo License (Photo License and application should have the same address; if you moved, PENN DOT, Bureau of Motor Vehicles, Harrisburg, 17104-2516 needs to be notified within 15 days of such move) or in the case of out- of-state licensed drivers, the out-of-state license and a photo I.D. (out-of-state licensed drivers must supply a Photo I.D. license). Note: Students not able to supply adequate I.D. will not be allowed to participate in the instruction or complete the required tests.

Written Tests

  • Baseline written test consisting of 30 test questions from course of instruction, “Vehicle Equipment and Inspection Regulations” manual and/or any or all tests, as listed on the specific vehicles the mechanic chooses to be certified to inspect.
  • 20 test questions on passenger vehicles, medium- light trucks, trailers (3,001 to 10,000 lbs. RGVW) and re-constructed/specially constructed street rods.
  • 20 question on motorcycles/motor-driven cycles.
  • 20 questions on trailers (10,001 lbs. RGVW and above) heavy trucks (17,001 lbs. RGVW and above) and buses.

Passing Requirements

Students must have a score of 70% or above on all tests. If 20 question special category written tests are 70% or above, scheduling for respective tactile test will be arranged. Students will be notified of written test results within 7 days of taking the test.  The Tactile test is a pass/fail type test.

Students who fail:

  1. If the student fails the baseline test, register to retake the Safety Inspection Training Program.
  2. Make arrangements to retake the written category test at the convenience of the school and pay a fee of $40.00 for Category One, Two or Three as long as the baseline test has been passed.
  3. Apply to retake the Safety Inspection Training Program.
  4. Choose not to continue.

Students who fail the tactile tests do not have to retake the written special category examination. However, they must pay the fee to retake the tactile portion of Category One, Two or Category Three.

Nondiscrimination Policy

The SUN Area Technical Institute will not discriminate in any of its activities and programs under its sponsorship and will administer all of its actions without regard to sex, race, creed, color, national origin, age or handicap as defined by law.

How to Apply



SUN Tech

Attn: State Inspection
815 East Market St.
New Berlin, PA 17855
(570) 966-1031 x. 113