Alicia Farr-Zimmerman, Drafting CAD Technology 2002

Name: Alicia Farr-Zimmerman
Graduation Year: 2002
Current Employer: Brookside Homes
Current Position: Draftsperson
Plans After SUN: Shortly after graduating I received a mailer from Sun Tech that Brookside Homes had an opening for a draftsperson. I called to sent up an interview and I've been working here ever since. Thanks to Sun Tech I got an education and a job in a career that I love.
Job Duties: I work with the sales staff to design home plans for customers using Brookside Homes' many standard plans or a custom home plan that the customer may bring in. I also help to design and develop new standard plans for the Brookside Homes brochure.
Positive Career Points: I like that I am able to express creativity. I enjoy being able to see the homes I draw become a reality as they are build . It's rewarding to know that I helped someone build there dream home. This is truly a career that I love and I am excited to get up and go to work everyday!