Jennifer Ernst, Drafting CAD Technology, 2000

Name: Jennifer Ernst
Graduation Year: 2000
Current Employer: Aquaterra
Current Position: CAD Tech 1
Plans After SUN: While I was in school I participated in the Co-op Program and was employed by Playworld Systems, Inc. located in Lewisburg, PA drafting playground layouts and footings for installation. After I left Tech, I went to a 2 year college in Harrisburg, PA to get my Associates Degree in Computer-Aided Drafting & Design. As part of my Externship I went back to working for Playworld Systems. I was employed by Playworld for total of about 4 years. I then went to work for Ritz Craft Homes located in Mifflinburg, PA drafting housing layouts. I have since moved to Chattanooga, TN and have been employed by Aquaterra Engineering since February 2006. Aquaterra is an Environmental Engineering company and I draft maps for different projects.
Job Duties: Proposal and submittal preparation and finalization; Site layout drawings, aerial maps, firm maps; Geotechnical Maps to locate borings; gINT data entries for geotechnical and environmental projects (drilling); Phase I ESA report creation and drawings, Phase II ESA drawings; General Administrative including AP/AR Assistance, filing, supply ordering and more; Deltek Vision Project set up; Project data management;
Positive Career Points: I am constantly learning.
Comments for Current Students: Be Flexible. I know how that sounds but it is completely true. Always remember just because you were taught one way in school or you did it one way for your last job, doesn't mean that it is the way you will always do it. When starting any job, or classes for that matter, make sure you keep an open mind and do what you are told. Once you know how they do things you can then make suggestions on how to improve or streamline their process, but never tell them how it's going to be.