Name: Kathleen Ruhl
Graduation Year: 1974
Program: Advertising Art & Design
Current Employer: Bourgeau Design
Current Position: Owner and Creative Director
Testimonial: Be very flexible throughout your career. Learn as much as you can, whenever you can. Even if you do not learn about hand lettering and hand drawing in school these days...don't rely on the computer. Practice it on your own and really get a feel for positive and negative objects work with each other and create balance or designed chaos. Best rule I learned long ago was to design in a 1, 2, 3 method of priority. When you look at your design, what do you want to notice first, second and then third. Squint when you look at your designs and see what pops out at you. It might be what you don't want to see first. It might tell you that you need to bump up the size of a border or a font etc. Look at designs from a distance as well as the closeup of the computer screen. Walk away from a project for an hour or more, even in the last hours of a deadline. Coming back fresh, can give you a whole different perspective to problem solving. Sometimes when you get frustrated and think your work isn't good enough, you might just be in the midst of something good but you're just not seeing it. Respect older designers who have been where you are now. We have much we can teach each other. Go back to school and/or take classes to stay current. Volunteer, give back, be a sustainable designer...the Universe will thank you for that.