Neil Bardo, Automotive Technology, 2005

Name: Neil Bardo
Graduation Year: 2005
Program: Automotive Technology
Current Employer: Spangler Motors
Current Position: Service Manager
Comments for Current Students: During my time at SUN Tech my instructor worked not only with me, but for me as he prepared me to enter the world of automotive technology. From day one he required us to perform as if we were working in a true shop environment. Whether it be making it to class on time, or being certain that the work we performed was top notch. By the time I reached college to further the principles of automotive technology at Pennsylvania College of Technology, I realized that my instructor had prepared me much more fully than some of the students I met who had also taken automotive courses in high school. There is no teacher I had who challenged me or taught me more than he did and I can offer no higher words of praise than to say, he's the best. The instructor and the automotive technology program at SUN Tech taught me the life lessons and principles of what it means to be an automotive technician, what can they teach you?