William Egan, Drafting CAD Technology 2006

Name: William Egan
Graduation Year: 2006
Current Employer: Graham Meus, Inc. Boston Massachusetts
Current Position: Design Drafter
Plans After SUN: After graduating I worked as a drafter where I mainly worked on construction documents at Wolfe Associates Architects for the summer and continued to work there occasionally during the next school year while attending Penn State for architectural engineering. After a year at Penn State I took a summer job as a designer for Strong pools and spas designing hot tub accessories and documenting their current hot tub models. The next school year I transferred to the Boston Architectural College where I currently attend night classes pursuing a Bachelors degree in architecture while working full time as a design drafter at Graham Meus, Inc. in Boston. At Graham Meus, Inc. I got the opportunity to become more involved in the projects than I had been previously by getting involved in the projects from initial design and carrying them through to construction documents. I have also been put in a position on one particular project where I am handling the project through the construction process and getting to experience the project management side of architecture. I am now currently studying to become a LEED accredited professional.
Job Duties: develop projects through all design phases (schematic design to construction documents). Coordinate drawings with engineers and contractors. Code research and material research. Distribute drawings to client, consultants and contractors. Re-design portions of projects as required. Address issues that arise during the construction phase.

Positive Career Points

Positive Career Points: I like being involved in the project from initial design to construction and having the opportunity to design and re-design portions of projects. I also enjoy the fact that I am learning something new every day.
Comments for Current Students: Practice freehand drawing it is a very useful tool during meetings and the design process. Always carry a pen or pencil (the person in the meeting that has a pen makes the decisions). If you think there is a better way to design a portion of a project don't be afraid to tape a piece of trace paper over the plotted drawing and draw your design and present it to your boss (I always keep a roll of trace paper at my desk). I strongly recommend studying to take the test to become a LEED accredited professional.