Dylan with Mr. Weisser, Mr. Ulrich, Mr. Anselmo, and Mrs. Marshall
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Technical Education Student Wins Big at Entrepreneurial Event

Technical education recently won big not only in manufacturing skills but in business, marketing, and economics! Economics Pennsylvania, the largest not for profit organization to promote financial principles recently held its regional…
Co-op Student Laura Straub at Country Cupboard

Co-op Student Laura Straub Working at Country Cupboard

Shown here is co-op student Laura Straub (Food Service, 2013) at her job at Country Cupboard in Lewisburg.

Technical Education Students Talk at Selinsgrove High School

Several students from SUN Area Technical Institute visited Selinsgrove High School to share their experiences in technical education with their friends and peers. Pictured here are Will Gill (Computer Networking Technology), Dylan Kratzer (Advanced…
Alex Wetzel, Electronics; Carlie Strawser, Dental; Claudia Pehowic, Auto; David Swank, Criminal Justice

Tech Students Talk Technical Education at Shikellamy High School

Students from SUN Tech recently visited Shikellamy High School to spread the word about technical education ! Pictured here are Alex Wetzel (Electronics), Carlie Strawser (Dental Health Technology), Claudia Pehowic (Automotive Technology),…
Luke Sassaman at Conestoga

Luke Sassaman on the Job at Conestoga

Pictured here is Wood Products Manufacturing student Luke Sassaman at his co-op job at Conestoga.
James Fetterolf at Pik-rite

James Fetterolf on Co-op at Pik-rite

Pictured here is Welding student James Fetterolf out on Co-op at Pik-rite.
Morgan Williams at Paul Vidunas Dentistry

JOC Meeting Highlights from March 13, 2013

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Nicholas Mast at Burkholder Alignment

Nicholas Mast on the job at Burkholder Alignment and State Inspection

Pictured here is Diesel Truck Technology student Nicholas Mast at his co-op position at Burkholder Alignment and State Inspection.
Andrew Gemberling on co-op at Hoffman Machine Shop

Andrew Gemberling at Hoffman Machine Shop

Pictures here is Precision Machining student Andrew Gemberling at his co-op position at Hoffman Machine Shop.
Nate Baker at Playworld Systems

Nate Baker on Co-op at Playworld Systems

Pictured here is Welding student Nate Baker at his co-op position at Playworld Systems.
Heather Barben at Lewisburg Family Dental Practice

Heather Barben on Co-op at Lewisburg Family Dental Practice

Pictured here is Dental Health Technology student Heather Barben out at her co-op position at Lewisburg Family Dental Practice.
Morgan Williams at Paul Vidunas Dentistry

Morgan Williams on the Job at Paul Vidunas Dentistry

Pictured here is Dental Health Technology student Morgan Williams out on co-op at Paul Vidunas Dentistry.