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SUN Tech Advertising Art & Design Students Support Art Education Through The YMCA Arts Center

Torrey Smith (far left), 2008 graduate of the SUN Tech Art program visited the school to accept a donation for the Sunbury YMCA Art Center. Students in the Advertising Art & Design program donated $268 as a result of money collected through Dress Down Days. Every first and third Friday, students paid $2 and were permitted to wear the dress down day t-shirt with jeans instead of their typical uniform. The t-shirt design was an in-class competition using Adobe Illustrator and won by student Victoria Clark (Lewisburg School District, shown holding the right side of the banner). Instructor, Kim McBride (2nd from left) shows the dress down day shirt.  



Adobe Offers Creative Suite 2 for Free

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Download Adobe Creative Suite 2 free today!

Do you have an interest in graphic design but don’t feel like spending thousands of dollars on software in order to learn it?  Well good news, everyone! Adobe, creators of Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, and other popular design software are offering Creative Suite 2 as a free download! It’s not the latest version of the software, but it’s the perfect way to get into a fun new hobby or career and decide if it’s right for you before you spend your money on the latest edition.

After you get your free software, you can come to SUN Tech to learn how to use it! We offer Advertising Art & Design as a day-time class for high school students and adult learners, as well as a variety of evening classes in graphic arts.