Electrical Student Alan Dreese on Co-op with SRS Electrical

SUN Tech Electrical Program Co-op Student Alan Dreese has been leaving each morning at 5:30a.m. from SRS Electrical Corporate Headquarters in Shamokin Dam and traveling to Lancaster to install fixtures, lights and panels for the well publicized SHEETZ SUPER STORE. On site this morning, over 40 contractors were working a a feverish pace to stay on a strict guideline. Alan’s supervisor and SUN Alumni Jason commented, “Alan has gotten a quick taste of working in this field, traveling to this site, which we’ll be here another 4 weeks and dealing with various contractors deadlines”. A REAL WORLD EXPERIENCE. Thanks SRS and Alan Dreese for Making It Happen. For more information about SUN Tech’s cooperative education program and to learn how you can earn money and valuable work experience during your senior year, check out our Co-op page!

Alan Dreese at Sheetz Super Store

Alan Dreese at Sheetz Super Store