Dillon Kerstetter a Midd-West High School student and SUN Area Technical Institute Electronics Technology student, recently earned his Eagle Scout. Dillon put over 100 hours into this project from start to finish. The project he did honors those who served in the Armed Forces in Snyder County from 1990-Present. Many thanks to all who contributed their time, materials and efforts to his Eagle Scout project. Dillon is the son of Lori Shull of Middleburg, and Michael Kerstetter of Beavertown. Dillon’s future plans are to attend Penn College and major in Electronics Engineering. SUN Tech is very proud of all the hard work, time and dedication you put into this project.

Mr. Schwartz ( Electronics Technology Instructor) with Dillon Kerstetter

Mr. Schwartz ( Electronics Technology Instructor) with Dillon Kerstetter

"SUN Tech is giving me a head start on college"

Alex Hackenberg, Midd-West senior in Computer & Networking Technology,  “SUN gives me a head start on college.  It gives me a foot in the door to future jobs and to the career I want to pursue.”


SUN Tech's Len Schwartz and Penn College's Jeff Rankenin Teach-Teach in Electronics

SUN Tech’s Len Schwartz and Penn College’s Jeff Rankinen Team-Teach in Electronics

Electronics Technology students at SUN Area Technical Institute receive a world-class education that provides college-level coursework and the potential to earn college credits.

This is possible through the PC Now program from Penn College of Technology.  This program provides students with the opportunity to earn college credits by integrating Penn College curriculum and instruction by Penn College professors directly into your students education at SUN Tech. Pictured here are Electronics Technology instructor Mr. Len Schwartz and Penn College Associate Professor of Electronics Mr. Jeff Rankinen assisting students in the electronics lab. This team teaching approach has yielded many successful students who have obtained college degrees and rewarding career placements in the world of work.

Joe Weisser, SUN Tech’s Cooperative Coordinator states, “Instructor Rankinen was a World Class Professor when I worked with him in The Technology and Engineering School at Penn College. To see Instructors Rankinen and Schwartz Team Teach is a wonderful gift and a great gift to the students in the Susquehanna Valley.”

After a successful year at SUN Tech, these students receive 12 college credits and have advance standing at their college.

2013-2014 Electronics Students at Penn College

2013-2014 Electronics Students at Penn College

The Electronics Technology students pictured here are earning credits at Penn College during their senior year at SUN Tech.  Thanks to Penn Tech’s PC Now program, students in several of our full-time programs can get a jump-start on their college education and save thousands of dollars in the process.

Students in the following programs are eligible for participation in PC Now during the 2013-2014 school year:

For more information see the Penn College NOW website.

Claudia Pehowic, Grace Juliano and Cyrus Robinson

Claudia Pehowic, Grace Juliano and Cyrus Robinson

SUN Area Technical Institute’s Automotive Technology program students inspect the under carriage and tires on this vehicle. Auto students(L-R) Claudia Pehowic, Grace Juliano and Cyrus Robinson work as a team to troubleshoot any potential problems. All three of these students are gainfully employed in the school’s Co-op Program and will commence work once their testing requirements are complete. Mr. David Hauck, Instructor of the Auto Tech program has very strong ties within the local auto and mechanical field. His Occupational Advisory Committee is committed to making a difference for these Auto students. Many students continue to post secondary learning institutions and some go directly into their careers.

Whether you choose to continue your education after high school or go straight to work, you’ll find that experience is critical when you decide to enter the working world. So take advantage of SUN Area Technical Institute’s co-op program to gain the experience you need to succeed in the working world before you graduate!

Carpentry student William Ramber fits a custom jamb for an octagonal window.

Carpentry student William Ramer fits a custom jamb for an octagonal window.

Carpentry: a career for those that enjoy work for the body just as much as work for the brain! Recently students are working on custom window framing and mitering molding to finish the mock house they constructed in class.  The mock house allows them to work individually as well as in teams to complete carpentry tasks and produce completed projects.

Students in carpentry learn a swath of skills that will provide them with the foundations needed for a career in anything from rough carpentry to owning their own business as a general contractor or builder. These skills include blueprint reading, laying out and building footers and foundations, wall and roof framing, interior finishing techniques including hanging and finishing drywall, painting, hanging and finishing trim, flooring and tile, as siding and exterior finish and trim skills.

Students interested in pursuing higher education after they graduate will be happy to know that they can earn college credits while attending the Carpentry program at SUN Tech! Talk to your guidance counselor to schedule a tour of Carpentry or any of our other exciting programs!  To see more pictures of the Carpentry program, check out our Carpentry Album on Facebook.

Brace Yourselves, College is Coming

We’re probably not bursting anyone’s bubble when we say that paying for college is hard.

Luckily, students at SUN Tech can earn college credits in high school by completing their program of study, but it’s up to the student to claim them.  Up until now that’s been a confusing process.

Enter Penn College of Technology understands that the transition to college is a real pain and created Getting Them There to help students of all ages prepare for college.  Getting Them There is custom-made for tech ed students and provides all the guidance and resources you need to get from technical education to college and claim all the credits you earned during high school. The site provides links to all of the forms you need to submit to claim your credits.

As a SUN Tech student there are just a few forms between you and thousands of dollars in tuition savings.  Check out Getting Them There and make it happen!