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Chamber Members Have Positive Words for SUN Tech

Recently members of the Greater Susquehanna Valley Chamber of Commerce had the opportunity to visit and evaluate our day-time programs at SUN Tech.  Some folks were familiar with what we do, others not so much.  We’re please to report that our guests had great things to say about what they witnessed! We’ll let them speak for themselves:

  • It was really excellent to see what was offered at Sun Tech. This was definitely among the highlights of the day.
  • It was very educational to tour SUN Tech.  I had no idea that they had so much to offer students, both adult and in high school.
  • SUN Tech is basically in my back yard and I was not educated about everything the school has to offer.  I was truly impressed with every single program.  It was really cool to go in and see the kids working and meeting the teachers.  Everyone was very nice and the culinary department deserves so much credit for the lunch that they put together and the service that they did putting the whole thing together.  The entire school and everyone in it just made me feel so welcome.  It was a very good experience and I am grateful to be apart of the group experiencing all of these things.  It just keeps getting better.
  • The students and faculty at SUN Tech have become a community and are proud of the programs the school offers. School counselors help form a community among students. And sometimes, when school electives such as art and music, are put on the budget chopping block, the community comes together and shows support to “save” the program.
  • I was very impressed with the SUN TECH program day.  I had never been to this site before, so for me just being there and seeing what was going on was the most valuable aspect of the day.  For me, the tour was the highlight.  Seeing it in person is more valuable than what anyone could speak about.
  • As an ex-educator, I was particularly eager to attend this program day. I had visited SUN Tech previously and knew that we were in for a great experience. I was pleasantly surprised at all the upgrades since I had last visited. The course offerings were diverse and reasonably priced. The advances I observed reaffirmed my belief that schools like SUN Tech will be playing a much larger role in educating our young adults.
  • After a delicious lunch, provided by the students in the culinary arts class, we were able to take a guided tour of the school.  We were introduced to the wide variety of classes offered by the school.  Many of the classes offered state of the art technology and it appeared that the students were very proud of their learning experience.
  • I came away with a much higher opinion and in fact I feel strongly that in many ways SUN Tech has more to offer than McCann.
  • The Sun Area Vo Tech is a beautiful school and I feel honored to have toured the facility.  I can tell that the staff, teachers and students are all dedicated to the goal of the school.  It is awesome that we have such an awesome opportunity for members of our community, so close to our homes.
  • I was aware of SUN Tech but I was not aware of the depth at which they offer programming and educational opportunities. I think this truly is the valley’s best kept educational secret. I also believe there is still a negative stigma around “going to Tech”.  I would love to see this change, as well as more school districts get involved with sending students.
  • SUN Area Technical Institute was great!  I had absolutely no idea the extent of the training, awards and sought after students and fellow faculty.  I would highly recommend SUN Area Technical Institute to any student.
  • I was totally enlightened by all the programs the students have available to them there and also very surprised to learn that they had to meet so many accelerated academic requirements to be able to participate in the programs.
  • I had never had the opportunity to tour the Tech school. I was impressed with the quality of the education that was going on at that facility and the opportunities it offers the students in our area.
  • The staff at SUN Tech were very hospitable and helpful.
  • I wasn’t sure what to expect on the first program day.  I thought I knew pretty much about SUN Area Vo-Tech.  I mean, I had been there on several occasions to present awards at their annual awards assembly at the end of each school year.  I knew the names of several vocations and programs.  My rotary club gives a monthly award to recognize a Student of the Month.  But, was I mistaken.  I had never toured the facility.  What a marvelous institution they have there!  Boy have things changed since I was in high school and the program were available there!

Business Leaders Start Their Day with Breakfast at SUN Tech

2013 Chamber of Commerce Breakfast

2013 Chamber of Commerce Breakfast

Members of the Greater Susquehanna Valley Chamber of Commerce attended a breakfast meeting hosted by SUN Tech. The Food Service program, under the direction of Mr. Justin Wright catered the entire event that started at 7:00 AM. The business community was thrilled and amazed by the outstanding food and service that they encountered while on campus!