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SUN Tech Students “Hanging With The Peeps”

SUN Tech Health students started an Embryology project 21 days ago and over the last 24 hours we now have baby chicks! Take a look below.


Highlights from August 21, 2014 Joint Operating Committee Meeting

The highlights from the Tuesday, August 21, 2014 meeting of the SUN Tech Joint Operating Committee are available below.

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Highlights from August 15 JOC Meeting

The SUNArea Technical Institute Joint Operating Committee (JOC) met on the evening of Thursday, August 15, 2013. A digital copy of the meeting’s highlights has been made available below.

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Highlights from June 25, 2013 Meeting of the Joint Operating Committee

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Highlights from the April 2013 Joint Operating Committee Meeting

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JOC Meeting Highlights from March 13, 2013

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