Hometown Disposal Donates Container for SUN Tech Fundraiser

Recycling Fundraiser Can from Hometown Disposal

Recycling Fundraiser Can from Hometown Disposal

Local trash and recycling service Hometown Disposal donated one of their Single-Stream Recycling bins to SUN Area Technical Institute for use in our Recycling Fundraiser.

SUN Area Technical Institute is collecting empty ink and toner cartridges, old laptop computers, cell phones, digital camera, MP3 Players, and tablet devices (iPads, Android, etc).  These items will be sent to Funding Factory, who will pays the school and then recycles or refurbishes the items they receive. We invite anyone to participate and drop off the items mentioned at SUN Area Technical Institute.  It’s a great way to support the school and the environment!

Thanks once again to Hometown Disposal for being a great local business supporter of SUN Tech! For more information on how you can participate in our fundraiser, see our Recycling Fundraiser page.