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Congratulations Team SUN!!

We are so very proud of all of our SUN Tech competitors who competed last week in Louisville, Kentucky. 

.Team SUN. Very proud of this group and all your hard work, and dedication.

Very proud of this group and all your hard work, and dedication

Jacob Jones- 1st Place Gold Medalist in Action Skills

Jacob Jones- 1st Place Gold Medalist in Action Skills

Samantha & Jacob

Samantha & Jacob

Samantha Eisenhart- 2nd Place Silver Medalist in Job Skill Demo A

Samantha Eisenhart- 2nd Place Silver Medalist in Job Skill Demo A

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SKILLS USA Nationals-Pictures Take 2



Don’t forget to watch the LIVE awards ceremony tonight at 5:00 P.M.  We wish all of our competitors the best of luck. GO TEAM SUN!!!!



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SUN Tech Teams Head to SKILLS USA National Competition in Louisville, Kentucky

Our SUN Tech Team is competing today in the SKILLS USA National Competition.  Go TEAM SUN!!!


Ply-Gem Gives Plant Tour to SUN Masonry Students

2014 Masonry students with Ply Gem employee Duane Inch

2014 Masonry students with Ply Gem employee Duane Inch

Ply Gem employee Duane Inch gave SUN Area Technical Institute‘s Masonry students and their instructor Mr. Gregory a first-hand look at the latest technology in manufactured stone. This hands-on tour included molds, manufacturing, safety, team skills, material testing, quality control measures and various product line demonstrations. Ply Gem employees over 200 local workers, many of whom are SUN Tech Alumni. Thank You Ply Gem for donating your time to give our students an in-depth, fun, and educational tour.

Masonry on Display at Midd-West High School

The Masonry program display at Midd-West High School

The Masonry program display at Midd-West High School

The tools of the Masonry trade are currently on display at Midd-West High School.

SUN Area Technical Institute’s Masonry program combines equal parts physical and mental activity.  Students in Masonry learn to create quality with in brick, block, stone, and other masonry materials that will stand the test of time.  Students will also develop an understanding of construction-related mathematics, blueprint reading, job site organization, and job site safety.

Students enrolled in SUN Tech’s Masonry program can earn college credits during their senior year of high school through the Penn College PCNow program.

SUN Tech’s Masonry Program Fixes Sign at Shikellamy

SUN Area Technical Institute’s Masonry instructor Mr. Gary Gregory and his students apply the finishing touch’s to the restoration project for The Chief Shikellamy sign. SUN Tech’s Masonry students learned several skills in the process that included brick, block and mortar removal, ordering proper material supply list, proper mixing of various colors of mortar, team work skills on work site and reconstruction of block/brick supports.



SUN Tech Delivers Benches to Home Schools

SUN Area Technical Institute’s Joe Weisser delivered students’ sitting benches to Shikellamy and Selinsgrove High Schools. SUN Tech students made the benches from scratch for all 5 sending High Schools: Lewisburg HS, Shikellamy HS, Midd-West HS, Selinsgrove HS and Mifflinburg HS.

SUN Tech’s Masonry Program made the concrete forms, Advanced Wood and Carpentry programs planed, ripped and crosscut the lumber, and Advanced Machining Program machined the hardware on the benches and engraved the inscriptions. The SUN Team approach created a project for all communities to enjoy which illustrates the value and practicality of career and technical education. Upon delivery many observers were impressed with the craftsmanship and the fact that the benches were created by using all four programs and not outsourcing finished products. SUN Tech is in the business of creating innovative student minds with emphasis on skilled craftsmanship, work ethic achievement, timely project deadlines, and multitasking to maintain a current and upcoming workforce for years to come.

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Masonry on Display at Shikellamy

The Masonry program is being featured in the display case at Shikellamy High School.

The Masonry program is being featured in the display case at Shikellamy High School.

SUN Tech’s Masonry program is currently featured in the display case at Shikellamy High School. If you’re interested in attending, there’s still room in the class and still a week left to switch to SUN Tech!

In Masonry students learn bricklaying, blocklaying, concrete construction, chimney and fireplace construction, tile work, material estimation, and many other skills required for a successful career in this rewarding trade!

Masonry Program Builds the Foundation of a Great Career

Wayne Dressler Poses with Masonry ProjectMasonry student Wayne Dressler stops for a photo with his recently finished project. Students in Masonry learn brick, block, stone, and concrete construction techniques and will graduate as expert craftsmen to whom producing square and plumb buildings is second-nature, in addition to becoming skilled artists capable of forming graceful curves and archways our of materials that aren’t known for their pliability!

If you don’t mind getting dirty and working with mud and mortar, take a closer look at Masonry and ask your guidance counselor to come tour our school.

To see more Masonry projects, check out our Masonry Album on Facebook.


Masonry Students Show off their Spirit

Masonry 2012 Students Pose with Class Christmas Tree

Masonry 2012 Students Pose with Class Christmas Tree

The Masonry class of 2012 poses with their unconventional class Christmas Tree. In the background you can also gorgeous archways built by the class are also visible.

Students Collaborate on Park Benches

Students in the Carpentry, Wood Products, Masonry, and Precision Machining programs collaborated on building park benches donated to SUN Tech’s partner school districts. Students in the masonry program used the forms to mold the concrete ends of the benches. Students in Carpentry and Advanced Wood Products ripped, cross-cut, routed and drilled the pressure treated lumber used to make the seats and backs.  Precision Machining created threaded inserts for the concrete forms which provided holes into which the lumber could be screwed and secured. Precision Machining also used their Haas CNC machine to engrave each bench with SUN Area Technical Institute and the name of the school district to which the bench was delivered.

Special thanks go to Co-op Coordinator Joe Weisser and Precision Machining instructor Terry Anselmo for “Making it Happen!”

Joseph Dozpat and Zachary Sheesley, Masonry 2010-2011

Welcome to the Masonry program here at SUN Area Technical Institute. Our names are Joseph “Big Guy” Dozpat from Mifflinburg, and Zachary “Curly” from Midd-West.

We chose to attend SUN Tech to take advantage of a good job opportunity in a field that is growing and because we enjoy working with our hands. Masons are in high demand for both commercial and residential jobs. Some of the masons in this class have teamed up to work on a big project here in the shop to showcase the various skills we have learned this year so far. The project consists of a block wall with a height of about eight feet. Also, there is brick casing the wall with three brick arches and a full circle made of brick.

We frequently go out on job sites as part of our learning experience. For instance, one of our job sites is for the New Berlin Recreational Center. We are building a garage made of split-faced block.  In addition, we have the opportunity visit various businesses in the construction industry such as Central Builders Supply and Watsontown Brick. At these sites we got a first-hand look at the manufacturing process and keep informed on the latest products and techniques. These are great educational experiences.

Our instructor, Gary Gregory, also known as “Mr. G”, is a very well experienced mason and at one time owned his own business. He knows a lot about the business and is a very good teacher.

Our future plans are to further explore the masonry industry as well as secure good jobs for a big time company or even establish our own masonry business. Also, we would like to get into pouring concrete and doing more with that.

Thanks to SUN Tech and Mr. G our hands-on training will enable us to obtain a job in the masonry field