The New Welding Program

Students hard at work in the new welding shop.

Former students probably remember that our Welding program has been split between two rooms for many years now.  After a long and complicated renovation, Welding has finally moved to its own consolidated classroom! Students are no longer split between to ares (which made supervision a challenge), and the new single-room setup sports more square footage than the old room configuration.

The new room also has more welding booths, and some new equipment! Welding has a new dust collection system, a virtual welder loved by both students and faculty, and new rollers for rolling plate steel.

Check out the 2011-2012 Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry Career Guide! This booklet provides an exhausted list of information about what careers are currently highly sought-after in Pennsylvania as well as salary expectations.  This is a great resource for students and parents alike!​

(Update: For the most up-to-date career information please see the 2012-2013 Career Guide.)