SUN Tech's Len Schwartz and Penn College's Jeff Rankenin Teach-Teach in Electronics

SUN Tech’s Len Schwartz and Penn College’s Jeff Rankinen Team-Teach in Electronics

Electronics Technology students at SUN Area Technical Institute receive a world-class education that provides college-level coursework and the potential to earn college credits.

This is possible through the PC Now program from Penn College of Technology.  This program provides students with the opportunity to earn college credits by integrating Penn College curriculum and instruction by Penn College professors directly into your students education at SUN Tech. Pictured here are Electronics Technology instructor Mr. Len Schwartz and Penn College Associate Professor of Electronics Mr. Jeff Rankinen assisting students in the electronics lab. This team teaching approach has yielded many successful students who have obtained college degrees and rewarding career placements in the world of work.

Joe Weisser, SUN Tech’s Cooperative Coordinator states, “Instructor Rankinen was a World Class Professor when I worked with him in The Technology and Engineering School at Penn College. To see Instructors Rankinen and Schwartz Team Teach is a wonderful gift and a great gift to the students in the Susquehanna Valley.”

After a successful year at SUN Tech, these students receive 12 college credits and have advance standing at their college.

SUN Tech is hosting Penn College of Technology on September 12 to talk about the PCNow program, a joint venture between Penn College and SUN Area Technical Institute that can earn your student advanced college placement while enrolled at SUN Tech. For more information including date, time, and location check out the event page.

Hello, my name is Vance Thomas and I’m currently a senior at Midd-West High School, and I am spending my last year of school here at SUN Tech. I chose to come here because of the wide range of possibilities that this school brings: the large number of courses to take, college credits, hands-on experience, as well as qualifying for extra college credits by applying for the PCNow dual enrollment program. PCNow allows us to take two 3 credit Penn College courses while at SUN, giving us a head start on our college career. We also have a chance through a partnership with Bloomsburg University to obtain up to 15 AP credits toward their new Computer Forensics Bachelor’s Degree Program.

In this class, Computer & Networking Technology, you learn how to repair and build computers, configure network servers, create web pages, install fiber optic and copper cabling and install networking equipment such as switches and routers and lots more.

The year is going quickly and I’m learning quite a lot about this course and what it includes. I hope to pursue a career in Computer Forensics, so many of the current activities we do here will greatly help me in the future.