2014 Yearbook Photo Schedule

Yearbook portraits will be taken Tuesday, September 9 th and Wednesday, September 10th in the Large Group Instruction Room according to the schedule below. All students, including PTAs and Part-Time students, will be photographed. ALL STUDENTS MUST BE IN UNIFORM!!!

Instructors will accompany their students to the Cafetorium at the times listed below. Instructors’ pictures will be taken at this time also. Support staff photographs will be taken Tuesday and Wednesday morning, as scheduled. The photographs, head and shoulders, will be in color for the yearbook and ID tags. Group shots, including students and instructor, of each program will also be taken in the Cafetorium or another location. Please encourage all students to be here on the day of their scheduled portrait or they may not be included in the program group photo.

Yearbook Portrait Schedule

Tuesday, September Program Wednesday


9:30 Support Staff 9:30 Support Staff
10:00 Ad Art (15) 10:00 Masonry (8)
10:20 AWPM (11) 10:15 APM (18)
10:30 Auto Tech (13) 10:30 Health 201 (16)
10:50 Cosmetology (15) 12:00 Health 114 (18)
12:00 Welding (18) 12:30 Carpentry (10)
12:20 Electronics (17) 12:40 Electrical (11)
12:45 Computer & Networking (12) 1:00 HVAC (8)
1:00 Food (20) 1:20 Dental (7)
1:25 Collision (18) 1:35 Criminal Justice (20)
1:40 Diesel (18) 1:50 Stragglers
2:00 Stragglers




A Peak Under the Hood of the Diesel Truck Technology Program

Kyle Fawver in Diesel Truck TechnologyUnder the hood of this diesel truck you’ll find Kyle Fawver. This is just one of several trucks students get to work on in the Diesel Truck Technology program at SUN Tech.  Students will be exposed to Mac, Sterling, Freightliner, Volvo, and International trucks.

Want a closer look at the Diesel Program?  Check out our photo gallery on Facebook! Visit the Diesel Truck Technology page to learn more about this program, or contact your guidance counselor to schedule a tour of SUN Tech!