Auto Technology student and Mifflinburg Senior, Cameron Roush, was recognized as the October Young American. Congratulations, Cameron!

The Health Professions 114 Class went on their first trip of the year to practice communication skills with residents. New adventures are waiting for the Health Professions 114 Class of 2018!


SUN Area Technical Institute participated in Breast Cancer Awareness month by sponsoring several events. Faculty and Staff were nominated for a Kiss the Pig Contest. Each Faculty and Staff member had a coffee can with their photo displayed on it. Students, Faculty and Staff were able to cast their vote by inserting a monetary donation in the nominees coffee can of their choice. Students sold handmade ribbons, student made stickers and they even hosted a Pink Pong Challenge. A total of $578.75 was raised by everyone at SUN Tech and will be donated to the Thyra Humphreys Center for Breast Health.

Pictured are left to right:  Ben Haines, John Wright, Beth Wagner, Madison Hackenburg, Amirah Williams, and Angela Reigle

Masonry students visited Advanced Concrete Systems in Middleburg, PA on November 8th. Students learned how precast insulated basement foundation walls are manufactured and how to read a basic blueprint for the walls. Thank you to Todd Fegley for conducting the student tour and to Barb Bonsall for organizing the tour!


Per recent studies, there are currently 600,000 unfulfilled skilled jobs! By 2020 the US will need 10 million new skilled workers!  SUN students are gaining the academic, technical and hands-on training they need to be successful in both the workplace and post-secondary education. Students have the opportunity to graduate with various certifications. AWS D 1.1, AWS D 1.5, PA Licensed Cosmetologist, PA State Inspection Certified, Certified Nursing Assistant, C-Tech Certified, OSHA Certified, just to name a few.





Masonry, Advanced Wood and Carpentry students worked with their Instructors to create a model project. The project showcases the student’s ability to install trim work, tile flooring, laminate hardwood flooring, drywall, wall painting and rafter installation.

Students are back in full swing with Theory, Lab Experience and Safety. Picture (L to R) are Welding Students: Jennifer Wise of Mifflinburg HS, Alexandria Novosel and Cinnaman Digan of Lewisburg HS. The Virtual Reality Welder has enhanced their learning curve and they are preparing for the various live Welding techniques that are used in the industry.

Cole Laubach (L) and Karon Franklin (R) practice their skills on the scissor lift.


SUN Tech Masonry students visit Pennsylvania College of Technology.

Assistant Director, Mr. Bertanzetti, and Cooperative Education Coordinator, Mr. Weisser, are helping serve lunch today!

2011 HVAC Alumni, Jacob, greets Mr. Weisser, SUN Tech Co-op Coordinator, at Thermal Product Solutions to discuss 2017-18 employment needs and how he can get more involved at SUN Tech. One of Jacob’s fond memories at SUN Tech was his interview practice that prepared him for his TPS Co-op interview.