Team Teaching with Advertising Art and Cosmetology

Jacob Schell, Advertising Art & Design student presents his salon branding designs to Cosmetology student, Amanda Klinger.

Team Teaching with Cosmetology and Ad Art

Team Teaching with Cosmetology and Ad Art

Nutraloaf: A Culinary Curiosity from Criminal Justice and Food Service

SUN Area Technical Institute’s Criminal Justice and Food Service programs teamed up to learn about Nutraloaf: a food found only in the American prison system. Nutraloaf is a product made for prisoners to provide all of the nutrients they’re required to be fed by law, in the most flavorless, unappetizing way possible. The practice of serving Nutraloaf as a punishment has gone to court many times, but persists to this day.

The video below shows students from Criminal Justice explaining Nutraloaf and the legal legacy it’s left behind it.  The Food Service program then follows up on the research by making several types of Nutraloaf and inviting students and instructors to taste test. The verdict? It’s gross!