Getting From Tech to College

Brace Yourselves, College is Coming

We’re probably not bursting anyone’s bubble when we say that paying for college is hard.

Luckily, students at SUN Tech can earn college credits in high school by completing their program of study, but it’s up to the student to claim them.  Up until now that’s been a confusing process.

Enter Penn College of Technology understands that the transition to college is a real pain and created Getting Them There to help students of all ages prepare for college.  Getting Them There is custom-made for tech ed students and provides all the guidance and resources you need to get from technical education to college and claim all the credits you earned during high school. The site provides links to all of the forms you need to submit to claim your credits.

As a SUN Tech student there are just a few forms between you and thousands of dollars in tuition savings.  Check out Getting Them There and make it happen!


Advocacy for Technical Education: Harvard’s Pathways to Prosperity

In February, 2011 the Harvard Graduate School of Education​ published a report entitled Pathways to Prosperity: Meeting the Challenge of Preparing Young Americans for the 21st Century. The report espouses the following claims:

  • The United States has fallen woefully behind other nations both in quality of education and in numbers of graduates of both high school and post-secondary institutions.
  • Our current secondary educational system is failing our youth and business by failing to offer multiple pathways to employment.
  • Our current post-secondary educational system is failing our youth and business by failing to produce job-ready graduates.
  • In order to solve this educational and economic quandary technical education, cooperative education opportunities, and increased employer involvement must become a primary focus of our educational policy.

You can read and download the report here (Adobe Reader required).