Wood Products Student Builds Oak Cabinets

Dustin Higgins and his Oak Cabinets

Wood Products student Dustin Higgins and his Oak Cabinets

Pictures here are Wood Products Manufacturing student Dustin Higgins and the doors and drawers he made for his oak cabinets.

A Spark of Holiday Cheer

Welding Tree

A Welding student’s Christmas tree.

Welding students Lester Moore and Dalton Brown provide us with a spark of holiday cheer with his welded Christmas tree.  As an added bonus it’s sitting on a Shaker table built by students in Wood Products Manufacturing.

Wood Products: SUN Tech’s Own “Duck Dynasty”

The students and faculty at SUN Area Technical Institute have a long-running tradition of game call and decoy craftsmanship.  Former Administrative Director and Cabinetry Instructor John Bohn has made hundreds of turkey calls including a series made from reclaimed timbers from a local covered bridge.  Our current Advanced Wood Products Manufacturing instructor James Romig is an accomplished decoy carver and has passed on his passion and craft to countless students.

We’re proud to see the tradition live on! Precision Machining student Dylan Kratzer has started his own company called Final Flight Duck Calls. In this video long-term Wood Products Manufacturing substitute instructor and former SUN Tech student Brandon Ulrich shows off his renowned duck-calling skills on one of Dylan’s calls.

You might say SUN Tech has it’s very own “Duck Dynasty.”  (We’re still working on the beards.)

Students Collaborate on Park Benches

Students in the Carpentry, Wood Products, Masonry, and Precision Machining programs collaborated on building park benches donated to SUN Tech’s partner school districts. Students in the masonry program used the forms to mold the concrete ends of the benches. Students in Carpentry and Advanced Wood Products ripped, cross-cut, routed and drilled the pressure treated lumber used to make the seats and backs.  Precision Machining created threaded inserts for the concrete forms which provided holes into which the lumber could be screwed and secured. Precision Machining also used their Haas CNC machine to engrave each bench with SUN Area Technical Institute and the name of the school district to which the bench was delivered.

Special thanks go to Co-op Coordinator Joe Weisser and Precision Machining instructor Terry Anselmo for “Making it Happen!”