SUN Area Technical Institute’s Joe Weisser delivered students’ sitting benches to Shikellamy and Selinsgrove High Schools. SUN Tech students made the benches from scratch for all 5 sending High Schools: Lewisburg HS, Shikellamy HS, Midd-West HS, Selinsgrove HS and Mifflinburg HS.

SUN Tech’s Masonry Program made the concrete forms, Advanced Wood and Carpentry programs planed, ripped and crosscut the lumber, and Advanced Machining Program machined the hardware on the benches and engraved the inscriptions. The SUN Team approach created a project for all communities to enjoy which illustrates the value and practicality of career and technical education. Upon delivery many observers were impressed with the craftsmanship and the fact that the benches were created by using all four programs and not outsourcing finished products. SUN Tech is in the business of creating innovative student minds with emphasis on skilled craftsmanship, work ethic achievement, timely project deadlines, and multitasking to maintain a current and upcoming workforce for years to come.

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KWPA sign created by Dustin Higgins

KWPA sign created by Dustin Higgins

Advanced Wood Products Manufacturing student Dustin Higgins built the sign pictured here for Keystone Wood Products Association. KWPA The Keystone Wood Products Association (KWPA) strives to strengthen and expand the base of lumber and wood products manufacturers in the Central Pennsylvania region in order to maintain and enhance the industry’s competitive position in today’s global economy.

Checkout additional pictures from Advanced Wood Products Manufacturing on our Facebook gallery, or check out the class website for more information.


Dustin Higgins and his Oak Cabinets

Wood Products student Dustin Higgins and his Oak Cabinets

Pictures here are Wood Products Manufacturing student Dustin Higgins and the doors and drawers he made for his oak cabinets.

Steve France with his partially completed oak gun cabinet.

Steve France with his partially completed oak gun cabinet.

Gun cabinets are a favorite project for students in Advanced Wood Products Manufacturing. This year Steve France is constructing one of his own and we’ll be posting his progress. Steve has the base and top cabinet completed. The entire build is constructed of solid oak. The base and top are held together with rabbets, glue, and metal fasteners while the face frames utilize pocket screws.

Today Steve is completing the doors on the program’s panel router.

Students in SUN Tech’s Advanced Wood Products Manufacturing program are working on building Shaker-style end tables.  The Shaker style was developed by a religious group by the same name during the late 17th century and is known for it’s simplicity, joinery, and functionality. The students utilize a variety of skills in this project including estimating,  making a cut list, dovetail and mortise and tenon joinery, and cutting tapered legs.