Bucknell University Network Analyst Stephanie Farnsworth has some great things to say about the summer workers from SUN Area Technical Institute’s she had the pleasure of supervising last summer.  We’ve provided the text of Ms. Farnsworth’s letter of support, and you can view the original document here.

Dear Mr. Hain:


As the student supervisor for the Networking department at Bucknell University, I have hired many students over the past eight years. It wasn’t until recently that I had the good fortune to acquire three student employees who had just completed your Computer Networking course. These students proved to be three of the best students we’ve ever hired. They had hands on knowledge of the equipment, they understood the technology, they were interested in learning and highly motivated. We will continue to employ them over breaks throughout their college career and will definitely come to SUN Area Technical Institute in the future when the current group graduates and we are in need of new student employees.


We always need more students of the caliber provided to us by your program and as such, Bucknell University’s Networking group fully supports your efforts to keep up with the changing technology and keep the curriculum current. In the past, we have really struggled to find student employees that had the skills necessary to work with in our department; it is a tremendous relief knowing that we can hire more SUN Tech students in the future.




Stephanie Ann A. Farnsworth
Network Analyst
Bucknell University

Claudia Pehowic, Grace Juliano and Cyrus Robinson

Claudia Pehowic, Grace Juliano and Cyrus Robinson

SUN Area Technical Institute’s Automotive Technology program students inspect the under carriage and tires on this vehicle. Auto students(L-R) Claudia Pehowic, Grace Juliano and Cyrus Robinson work as a team to troubleshoot any potential problems. All three of these students are gainfully employed in the school’s Co-op Program and will commence work once their testing requirements are complete. Mr. David Hauck, Instructor of the Auto Tech program has very strong ties within the local auto and mechanical field. His Occupational Advisory Committee is committed to making a difference for these Auto students. Many students continue to post secondary learning institutions and some go directly into their careers.

Whether you choose to continue your education after high school or go straight to work, you’ll find that experience is critical when you decide to enter the working world. So take advantage of SUN Area Technical Institute’s co-op program to gain the experience you need to succeed in the working world before you graduate!



Stevan Ranck on c-op at Leer Industries

Stevan Ranck on c-op at Leer Industries

SUN Area Technical Institute student Stevan Ranck (Collision Repair), takes a break from his “fast paced” co-op job at LEER Industries.

For more information on how SUN Area Technical Institute’s co-op program can help you gain work experience that will propel you into a successful career, check out our Cooperative Education page.