Higher Education

Students attending the Collision Repair Technology program can earn the following college credits while attending SUN Tech through the Penn College PCNow program:

# Name Credits
ABC100 Introduction to Non-Structural Collision Repair 2 Credits
ABC104 Introduction to Non-Structural Collision Repair Applications 3 Credits

The inner industry on collision repair or better known as I-CAR offers training for experienced technicians, for higher pay or a position change as well as people who want to retrain for a career. I-Car was founded in 1979 amidst the recognition that the North American automobile would be changing rapidly. The collision repair insurance industries would both have to adapt to these changes in order to efficiently serve their mutual customer, the car owner. Knowledge of the vehicle and emerging repair procedures would have to be taught, on a mass basis, to respond to a common need: training. These six Industry segments are:

  • Collision Repair Business
  • Insurance Companies
  • Auto Manufacturers
  • Equipment, Tool, and Supplies Manufactures and Distributors
  • Education, Training and Research Organizations
  • Suppliers of Related Industry Services

This cooperation did not materialize immediately. It took years of concentrated effort by many hard-working, dedicated people to bring it to where it is today. It will continue to require this cooperative sprit for I-CAR, and our industries, to meet the challenges of the future.