Employment Outlook

The employment outlook for cosmetology is most promising. New techniques, products and opportunities appear every day. The number of clients both male and female who visit the salon, and the amount of money they spend for services and products is constantly increasing. Jobs are available for full-time and part-time employment. Cosmetology as a career, also provides a great opportunity for those who wish to run their own business.

Cosmetology encourages the free exercise of an individuals’ personal talent, creativity and ability, both from an artistic point of view as well as esthetically. And most important it combines job satisfaction with financial stability.

Starting salaries vary as much as opportunities. For a general entry-level cosmetologist the starting salaries are often the equivalent of minimum wage; however, with the addition of various commission rates on services, as well as the sale of retail products, along with tips. A cosmetologist can far exceed minimum wage. Currently the median average salary for cosmetologists across the nation is approximately $29,000.