Criminal Justice

Are you a people person who enjoys interacting with all types of people, using your mind to look at things from different perspectives, or solving puzzles? Become a part of an exciting criminal justice career! Television, movies, and video games only show a portion of the many rewarding career opportunities awaiting you. Criminal justice is the second largest employer in the Susquehanna Valley and offers entry level salaries ranging from $ 20,000 to over $75,000 annually.

This program offers the entry-level skills and knowledge required for employment in criminal justice professions such as police officer, security officer, correctional officer, 911 dispatcher, store security and military police.  These skills are acquired through a combination of classroom training and hands-on experience.  The program offers job shadowing experiences, featured guest speakers, and field trips. To remain state of the art, the program uses three simulators to create real life experiences.