Resources for Students Considering SUN

Why Attend SUN Tech?

This “Top 5 Reasons” list offers a quick glimpse into the most significant benefits of pursuing a technical education at SUN Area Technical Institute.

Earn Industry Certifications

One of the most significant benefits of technical education is the potential to earn industry specification certifications which increase your employability and value in the job market.

Gain Job Experience Through Co-op

You need experience to get a job; but you need a job to get experience. Cooperative Education (“co-op”) helps students break that cycle by partnering with local businesses to offer students work experience before they graduate.

Give Back Through Community Service

SUN Tech students love showing their appreciation for their community! Our students put their skills to the test and participate in community service projects throughout their education.

College Credits and Advanced Placement

Technical education isn’t just for students that plan to join the workforce immediately: your year at SUN can earn you advanced placement and save you money by earning credits that can transfer to many state colleges and universities.

SUN Tech Success Stories

Stories from past graduates of SUN Area Technical Institute about how their technical education made a difference in their lives.