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Nate Baker at Playworld Systems

Nate Baker at Playworld Systems

Career and technical education and industry have always worked together: in fact SUN Tech was designed specifically to meet a skilled labor shortage in the Susquehanna Valley back in the 1960’s.

Today labor shortages still exist: according to the Harvard Graduate School of Education, today’s focus on college has created a well-educated but low-skill working class whose expertise don’t match the needs of the job market. Their solution?  a return to career and technical education, cooperative education (“co-op”), and apprenticeship (Pathways to Prosperity, Harvard Graduate School of Business, February 2011).

Many local businesses already know the value of technical education:

Thank You for the letter and your ongoing efforts to provide a valuable Technical Training Program for our local community! At times, it seems more and more difficult to find the caliber of employees that are needed to run a successful technology based business, from machinist to electronics technician, we have a growing need. We at Brush Industries and Q-Card Company are  grateful that we have a valuable resource like SUN Area Technical Institute in our back yard and we are pleased that we can help support your efforts. – Joseph Stenglein, Vice President at Brush Industries


We understand the value internships can provide to students as they begin to envision their future careers. The partnership between Playworld Systems and Sun Area Technical Institute allows the two organizations to build a sustainable and rewarding program that ensures the success of students entering the workforce. – Bonnie Burns, Hiring and Training Specialist at Playworld Systems

Help SUN Tech Help Your Business

There’s no doubt about it: business benefits from a well-educated workforce.  Here are just a few of the ways that SUN Tech and your business can work together to help students and workers succeed:

  • Participate in Cooperative Education: SUN Tech’s Cooperative Education (“co-op”) program places students in jobs at local businesses during the latter stages of the school year. Students benefit from Co-op by gaining job experience, learning real-world work expectations, time management, worth ethic characteristics, and earning financial rewards. Participating businesses gain a youthful and highly skilled employee workforce that is highly trainable. These students look to make a long-term investment for the continued success of the Susquehanna Valley Region, as businesses continually train and mold their employees.
  • Train Your Employees: You’ve already got great employees, but everyone’s skills need updated from time-to-time. Let our Adult Education department help your business through night courses, customized training, and other exciting opportunities for adult learners.
  • Find the Perfect Employee: Is your business hiring?  SUN Tech can help! If we offer a program related to your position, we can reach out our graduates and let them know you’re looking.  Contact the Co-Op department to learn more.
  • Help Advise our Programs: Each program at SUN Area Technical Institute is guided by an Occupational Advisory Committee composed of local industry leaders that meet twice a year. The goal of the committee is to ensure that SUN Tech’s courses and curriculum are meeting the needs of the local workforce.Contact SUN Tech to find out how you can join your industry’s Occupational Advisory Committee.