School Information


SUN Area Technical Institute holds several accreditations which certify the quality of a SUN Tech education.  Find out more about our ISO 9001 and Malcolm Baldridge Act accreditations.

Cooperative Education

Cooperative Education or “co-op” is a program that allows students to earn real-world experience and a paycheck by being placed in a job in their chosen field.


The Directions page provides contact information, street directions, and interactive maps to help you find SUN Area Technical Institute.

Faculty & Staff Directory

The Directory page provides a comprehensive list of all school employees, their positions, and how to contact them.


Learn about what positions are available at SUN Area Technical Institute and how to apply.  If you’re looking to volunteer, you can also find out Volunteer Application.


The Notices page is where SUN Area Technical Institute posts information that is in the public interest, such as public sales, auctions of surplus supplies, public events, etc.

Policies and Plans

To learn more about SUN Tech’s policies and and planning process, see the School Board/JOC page, which contains links to these resources.

Public Services

Part of our student’s hands-on training includes several services that are open to the public! Learn more about our cosmetology clinic and our school restaurant, the Cherry Street Bistro.

Student Organizations

Information about SUN Tech’s involvement in student organizations such as Skills USA and HOSA.


The Surveys section provides links to public questionnaires and surveys available to help the public provide feedback to SUN Tech.