Advanced Wood Products Manufacturing

Program Description

Are you interested in learning a skill that will make You money AND save you money for the rest of your life? If the answer is yes, then consider a career in Wood products Manufacturing and get your free training at SUN Tech! Visit the Advanced Wood Products Manufacturing program and check it out!

As an Advanced Wood Products Manufacturing (AWPM) student, you can be trained to be a quality machine operator, production worker, finisher, or technician.  You will learn to have a strong emphasis on quality and professionalism.  Wood products manufacturing remains one of the top career fields locally and throughout the State.  AWPM is a State approved Program of Study.  When you complete all of the required state tasks, you can earn college credits to numerous colleges throughout the State.

Post-Secondary Opportunities

Some of the higher education opportunities for graduating wood products students are as follows:


Students who earn a proficient score on their NOCTI exam will be awarded a PA State Skills Certificate.

Program of Study

Advanced Wood Products Manufacturing is a SOAR approved program of study.

This means that successful completion of this program earns you college credits that can be transferred to participating state colleges and universities.

Program Uniform

Advanced Wood Products Manufacturing students must come to school dressed in the approved program uniform.  Shirts can be ordered using the order form link provided.